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First Aid training

Contact person

Detlef Zabel

Phone: 0201/84 74 - 320

Müller-Breslau-Str. 30a
45130 Essen

Most accidents occur in the private sphere: at home, in the neighborhood, at work or during leisure time. Those affected are usually people who are close to you, family members, friends or colleagues.

No one can hope that "nothing will happen" in their presence. And if it does happen, many people are afraid of doing something wrong. This worry is unfounded, because administering first aid is easier than you think.

First aid saves lives. Brush up on your first aid skills and become a lifesaver.

First Aid training

First aid training focuses on teaching life-saving measures and simple first aid measures as well as basic strategies for action. All measures are taught as a whole, including the psychological care of the person concerned. The training is also required to obtain a driver's license for all classes. 

Target group:all interested people, first aiders in the company, trainers, youth workers, teachers, water rescuers, flight attendants, candidates for the truck driver's license, etc.
Course time: 08.30 am to 4.30 pm
Course fee:60.00 € (The employers' liability insurance association usually covers this course fee for company first aiders).
Course location:see schedule

We accept registrations online. Participation is only possible after prior registration.